October : That Dirty Little transistion month that has all of us, itching to get on snow.

F1rst Snow 2006 a memoir:

The Setting, Midwest, its been raining all week, this morning the world changes, I wake up it's sunny, and that felling is the morning air... winter is here. Get dressed pack my stuff for the day, get in the car to start my day at school. Momment I turn on the car, the tempature registers as 45 can't be true it's the tempature of the garage, I start my drive up the shore of lake michigan, It quicly drops 42, 39, 36, 32, 30, 29! I blow a kiss to the volkswagen thermometer, and rejoice, turn on my ski soundtracks MP3 cd and celebrate the early comings of winter.

It's 2pm, the forecasters are calling for snow showers in about an hour or two, I'm extatic. I can fell it, theres a bitter sense in the walls of my suburban milwaukee high school, I can feel the calm before the storm here in the computer lab it's coming. Is it something all skiers have, that we are happy for this, that this is what brings us through the school day while all our fellow peer's chagrin and fret the coming of snow. My friend, fears playing football in the 28 degree weather tonight. I celebrate it, It's time the snow is here.

I can see it, the small white particles, Mother Nature's ever returning gift to us. It promises return, and is one item that make's me, skier's everywhere happier than anything. I can see my room, my ski's, my boot's neatly leaned against the wall, waiting wishing, to once again feel the snow on it bases. The skis feel alive, they posses a glow that say's bring it on. Tonight they want it, and hopefully they will get it.

bp (october, 12th 2006)