from Orage and Mammoth Mountain have joined forces to bring arguably the most progressive competition in skiing to date. The ORAGE MASTERS will debut this year on May 3rd during the 2nd annual West Coast Invitational at Mammoth May 2-4. The goal of the MASTERS is to design a comp that is rider designed across the board. "Basically, we looked at every other comp and realized that there was always something about them that made it stale. From the ground up we're building something that is completely different that will have the feeling of an epic session among friends," comments Orage International Team and Event Manager Jamie Brandon. The course will be a slopestyle/jib with two feature elements. Orage is having two junkyard cars dragged into the middle of the course, boarding up the windows, and letting Mammoth's Unbound Terrain Park crew get crazy with a blowtorch and rails. The result being an urban jib element like no other that will push riders to their style and creative limits. Oren Tanzer Manager of Unbound comments, "Orage and Mammoth, it's such an amazing match. Great ideas, a new outlook... I'm super excited to build this new skate influenced course." The prizing for the MASTERS is equally as impressive. Orage will be giving away a top of the line snowmobile, a 125cc, and 80cc motocross bikes. First place gets first choice, second gets his pick, and chances are 3rd place will be the owner of a sick 80cc moto that will no doubt be the highlight of every 2a.m. party session. The ORAGE MASTERS is a pro competition by invitation only. Contact Jamie Brandon 1-800-250-5056 or for information regarding athlete invitations. Mammoth's 2nd annual West Coast Invitational is the biggest spring party on the West Coast. The weekend is packed with concerts, parties and events for competitors and spectators alike. Call 800-MAMMOTH or visit for details. source:,13122,433798,00.html