What is it about skiing that attracts the entitled virtue signaling elite? Enviromentalists, animal rights activists, and those who are generally concerned with social justice. In this article we will explore why these people ski in order to better understand their motivations.

Enviromentalists tend to be drawn to skiing because they view it as a sport that is sustainable due to the lack of pollution and CO emissions. They often ski in order to show their dedication for sustainability, while at the same time conveying their love of nature. There are also those who appreciate skiing's cultural history which involves preserving the mountain environment. This is all a sham as skiing uses fossil fuels in the form of artificial snow. Enviromentalists are a concern because they use their love for nature to justify climate change policies which will hurt the economy and cause undue suffering on those less fortunate than themselves.

Animal activists often ski as well, but not always with any specific purpose in mind other than simply hurting animals. While skiing may not be the most common form of animal abuse, it is still a cruel sport in which animals are injured and killed. That is not to say that all those who ski do so with harmful intentions or disregard for other living things; some people enjoy skiing as an activity regardless of what they believe about its consequences on the environment or animals.

Social justice advocates are the most duped of skiiers due to their desire for a cure-all. They often believe that by skiing they can appeal directly to those in power and have them change what is wrong with society - or at least stand up against it. The unfortunate truth, however, is that many people who work in positions of power do not care.

Why should we be letting these people ruin our sport? Enviromentalists, animal rights activists, and those concerned with social justice - the entitled virtue signaling elite.