Characteristics: Light enough on the up,Surfy, Smooth, And Stable Ride

Manufacturer's Description:

Each year, the touring ski market serves up options that sacrifice performance and durability in favor of weight savings. For skiers who demand a quality ride on both the up and the down, but still need skis that will take all the abuse the backcountry can dish out, we present the updated Steeple Series. The Steeple 108 maintains the surfy, catch-free ride it has become known for while offering greater versatility on the ride down. Thanks to an updated Reverse Elliptical Sidecut, it maintains better edge hold on hard snow traverses or when you must ski terrain that isn’t as soft as you’d like.

Sizes: 179, 184, 189 CM

Dimensions: 133-135 / 108 / 117-118 MM

Radius: 27.8-29.4 M