Newschoolers' Review:

So these skis were a bit of a revelation to me. Despite what Magnus might make it look like these are pretty stiff skis, and yet serious amounts of rocker make them playful nonetheless. The amount of power they give you on nollies and popping out of both nose and tail butters is second to none. 90mm is the pretty much the narrowest ski I've ever ridden and I didn't expect to enjoy the experience all that much. But, while the stiffer flex makes them more tiring to play on, these might be the best park ski I've ever ridden. I found myself doing 'tech' tricks I haven't done in years, while at the same time, being able to do my weird stuff too. The turn radius is decently long, meaning they don't feel skittish and unstable unlike other heavily rockered narrow skis I've tried. Add that to extremely solid construction and you've got a park and hard snow package that will take some beating. - Twig (on the 17/18 Magnus)

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Characteristics: Heavy duty, poppy, quick, fun

Manufacturer's Description:

Updated for 2019, the Magnus 90 represents our biggest park ski update in years. Incorporating feedback from our team, we've modified the flex profile to be slightly softer and rounder, enhancing the skis ability to enter and hold butters. Tip taper was added to decrease any hookiness when carving into features and transitioning in butters, and a more balanced sidecut helped equalize swing weight in the air. The Magnus 90 comes factory detuned to help minimize rail damage and remains the industry standard for rockered park skis.

Sizes: 161, 171, 176, 181, 186 CM

Dimensions: 114-118 / 90 / 112-116 MM

Radius: 16.2-18.3M

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