Characteristics: Solid, versatile, jibby but also good for charging

Manufacturer's Description:

Fast, powerful, and stylish: words that define the scope of our Kartel line. This year, a three ski line-up represents a more focused option for those with jib thinking running through their all mountain persuasions. Elliptical rocker profile and full length carbon fiber stringers come standard, as does our 100% bamboo core and thick, fast bases and edges.

The Kartel 116 brings years of freestyle powder ski design into a balanced package outfitted for the deepest of days. The most aggressive tip and tail tapering of all Kartels improves tracking through variable and junk snow and decreases swing weight, while enhancing float by pushing more width into the forebody of the ski. There simply is no better playful powder ski option on the market with the ease and power of the Kartel 116.

Sizes: 176, 181, 186, 191 CM

Dimensions: 141-144 / 116 / 133-136 MM

Radius: 23.2-25.8 M

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