Newschooler's Review:

The Jessie 98 is an essential part of ON3P's new women's line and they haven't cut any corners with this one- the ski has the same durable construction as any other ON3P ski. I took the Jessie 98 out for a total of about 10 days and rode everything from fresh icy corduroy, to thick summer slush. When I look for skis, and especially women's skis, I require a pair that has enough bomb-proof strength to keep me charging through whatever the variable conditions are- I can happily say the Jessie met this standard. - Erica

Characteristics: Solid, Surfy, Durable

Manufacturer's Description:

The Jessie line returns fully dialed & unchanged for the 17/18 season: fun, no pink-and-shrink skis that hold our standards for durability and construction in every regard, sans flower and gumdrop graphics. The Jessie 98 is a versatile, poppy option that does right by any do-it-all skier. Elliptical rocker and elliptical sidecut offer smooth planing and a balanced turn initiation that engages harder the more you lean on it, while the smooth taper profile decreases hookiness and improves soft snow performance.

Sizes: 161, 166, 171, 176 CM

Dimensions: 124-127 / 98 / 118-121 MM

Radius: 17.2-18.8 M