update number 2.   Most of what we have been working on is the dust

collection system and finishing all the details of the shop so that

everything will flow nicely once we start production.  We just need to

finish our new 16+ pair hotbox and a storage unit for all the finished

skis and then we will start processing cores.

Photos are always better, so this is what the shop currently looks like…

Sidewall and Prepped Core Storage

Composite and Edge Storage


Layup, and Cleaning Stations - We topped everything here with a

non-bonding plastic so that we don't have to worry about epoxy sticking

to anything and so that it is very easy to clean.

Composite Station - Still need to add fabric rack behind it

From the office above...

Planer and 8" Floor Drop


Saw and 6" Drop for Core Sanding Station - To ensure proper bonding,

each core is hand-sanded with a low-grit sand paper. This creates a

good bit of dust, so to help make clean up a bit easier, we added a 6"

dust collection drop. We also have a 6" drop into the miter saw, which

helps supplement the minimal dust collection provided by the shop vac.

Miter Saw Fence

Complete Miter Saw Station


Saw - When I have time, I will modify the dust port in the base so that

we can run a 6" line the whole way, but in the meantime this will work

fine for us.


- We still need to add the safety/dust hood to the shaper, which is

going to make shaping cores and finishing sidewalls very easy.

Dust collection to the band saw is a little bit busy...


Ducting on the Band Saw - Having a 6" duct running right to the blade

will be very nice, especially when cutting out skis (fiberglass dust is

nasty stuff).

Tool Storage and Core Shaping Station

Getting close to completion

We still need to complete the hotbox and

ski storage, and receive our sidewall sander, ski press, and belt/stone

grinder.  At that point, the shop will be pretty full.  Once we get

cores running through the production line, I will post another update.