We have

been in the new factory for a bit over two weeks now and wanted to

update everyone as to how construction is going.  Our schedule has been

a bit strange, particularly since we did not get Internet in the shop

until the last few days.  As such, I was having to spend a few hours in

the morning working before I was able to make it to the shop. 

Nonetheless, our factory should be mostly completed by the end of the

week.  Right now we are just waiting for a few tools and our dust

collection ducts.

It took

us a decent amount of time to correctly determine the flow of our

production line; as soon as we did we started building up our factory. 

Our electricians have all of our heavy power up and running, so once we

finish a few more things, we will start processing all of our cores.  I

figured you would rather look at photos than read my descriptions, so

here you go.

Camera phone photo of our factory the day we got our keys.

Factory construction begins

Some of our new toys

Starting to work on material storage

Storage rack coming together

Almost finished...

New shaper, band saw, and table saw

Jeronimo, Blue Steele, and Billy Goat artwork

Soon to be composite prep and layup area

One part of a few new walls to help provide storage and create a clean area

Lots of shelving/storage to add...

Some of our cores and our new core storage rack

More Cores...

Part of the new wall soon to be in place...

Bamboo cores

Some new 220V drops

Sections 2 & 3 of our new separating wall

Sam always wins

Core storage waiting for more cores

Table saw up and running

New miter/sanding station


not an August pow day....This is why good dust collection and lung

protection are so important. Our dust collection ducts have still not

arrived, and we are in respirators anyway when we do any wood/bamboo

work, but it is still scary nonetheless.

That will

do it for now.  Still tons of work to go.  We will hopefully start

processing cores in the next few days.  I will also try to be better

about updating the website.