Characteristics: Optimal Float, Improved Maneuverability in Soft Conditions, Beastly

Manufacturer's Description:

Since our beginning, the Cease & Desist has been a constant reminder that sometimes you just need to run with it. This ski was designed to be the ultimate powder ski, and soon earned a name that reminds us every day of why we do what we do. For 2018, we’ve pushed this beast even farther and morphed our Asymmetrical Tip Taper (ATT) design into an all-new Offset Tip Shape (OTS). ATT shortens the effective edge on the outside of the ski in the tip and tail and decreases the surface area that grabs the outer edge of the ski as it’s rolled over in soft snow. By offsetting the ski center toward the inner edge, we are able to further enhance the ski’s asymmetry while nailing the proper surface area and shape to maximize float. Combined with RES, Powder Rocker, Tour Layup, and 100% bamboo core, the Cease & Desist continues to anchor our line for those hunting snow ghosts on the deepest of days. There is no better powder ski in existence, period.

Sizes: 191 CM

Dimensions: 142 / 124 / 131 MM

Radius: 37.3 M

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