Characteristics: Surfy, Stable, Chargey

Manufacturer's Description:

Since our beginning, the Billy Goat has been the go-to choice for stability, power, and maneuverability in soft snow. Now in its 7th iteration, we’ve modified our RES (Reverse Elliptical Sidecut) design to incorporate a blending radius between the Tip & Tail sidecut, substantially improving hardpack performance. We’ve also incorporated ATT (Asymmetrical Tip Taper) to allow the tips & tails of the Billy Goat to smear in and out of turns with greater ease. The characteristics that define the Billy Goat remain - the ability to drive the ski when you want, smear the ski when you want, without tip dive and without dumping speed. If finding the fastest way down the mountain on a powder day is up your alley, then the Billy Goat is the ski for you.

Sizes: 179, 184, 189 CM

Dimensions: 141-143 / 116 / 125-126 MM

Radius: 27.8-29.4 M