That's right friends, Orage is on board with Woodward at Copper to have a smashing good time this summer! Orage will be on hand for sessions 2 and 3 with prizes, giveaways and guest PRO COACHES!

As many of you know, TJ Schiller is the man, he's also a great guy and a heck of a coach. Multiple time X games medallist and pioneer of the sport of freeskiing, TJ will be able to teach you the ropes of how to become a pro-athlete, new tricks and how to be super ridiculously good looking. In addition, Phil Casabon (B-Dog) the french sensation from Quebec will be on hand to show you how it's done, B-Dog style. Phil is known for his super smooth style and absolute rail domination. P.S. Phil RIPS on a skate and he'll be on hand to sesh the bowl with you. Taylor Seaton, Mini-T, is known for his Tanner Hall-esque style and super tech pipe skills. Taylor can get down on a trampoline like no other and will show you his "Ninja Style". All of these shredders will be on hand throughout different times during sessions 2/3, so get in there and soak up their skills!

So there it is! The moment you've all been waiting for... As always, the Woodward at Copper permanent coaching staff will be on hand to round out the coaching experience at Camp.

Come join us! 1-888-350-1544