"I'm Living at Oak, I ski at Oak Mountain in Speculator NY, I ski on One of them newfangled snowboard things. My best tricks are going big, for better or worse" -WankerTanker

What landed Wanker the honours of MOTM? Most likely his in-depth piece on the hidden dangers of snowguns. Read a preview of his article, and checkout the full piece here

Chem trails, A simple myth from your neighborhood conspiracy theorist, or the real and terrifying threat next door?

We've all heard the wild and often thought to be crazy theories regarding chem trails. We've seen pictures of planes flying over head 10s of thousands of feet high, but nothing has really happened. What if the real threat isn't miles up in the atmosphere, but all around you and the children at every turn?

A group of college students studying chemistry with environmental application at the Bakersfield Institute in California, turned up some very unsettling data. "We've been traveling the country in search of environmental problems that have gone under the radar" said sophomore Jamie Battersby. The team received a government research grant as a reward for their a report they took part in last year on climate change and steps to reducing our impact as humans on our environment....