This night didn´t end like it should have. But I am not dissapointed. It´s just november! The season haven´t even started, and still I get to compete against the best skiers in the world, in Norway! So happy that I had the chance to come over here.

The results aftet tonights qualifiers went a little something like this:

1. Bobby Brown

2. Klaus Finne

3. Bene Mayr

4. PC Fosse

5. TJ Schiller

6. Aleks Aurdal

7. Anders Backe

8. Espen Bergh

9. Gaute Silseth

10. Jesper Tjäder

11. Elias Ambühl

12. Markus Eder

13. Frido Fredricsson

14. Andreas Håtveit

15. JF Houle

16. Kristian Vereide


17. Oscar Harlaut

18. Ole Mustad

19. Marius Kjølseth

20. Luka Melloni

21. PK Hunder

22. Phil Casabon

23. Lasse Nyhaugen

24. Pako Benguerel

25. Steffen R Hamre

26. Kim Boberg

27. Oscar Scherlin

28. Sig Tveit

29. Javi Vega

30. Henrik Harlaut


I had a lot of problems figuring out the speed for the jump, and the wind scared be somehow. Jump nr 1: Supposed to be switch 10 mute – Ended up beeing switch 540 to major stretch-out. Jump nr 2: Also supposed to be switch 1080, ended up beeing a sw 7 withouth a grab, to revert.  Jump nr 3: Supposed to be cork 9 tail, but didn´t feel it and stepped down a notch with cork 7 tail.

I like beeing allmost in last place sometimes, makes me wanna ski every day for 6 hours. And that´s what skiing is all about, the feeling of wanting to ski so bad, and have fun all day!


Have a great weekend, and big ups to everyone who killed it tonight!!