Today was my first day out in the helicopter and it was a good day to check things out and get myself ready for this trip.  I am strong as a horse and after today I am feeling ready for the next couple of sessions we are gonna have up here with Pep and Dane Tudor.

We went to this cool feature, it is a big glacial moraine.  It appeared smaller from the heli. Once we got down there it was way bigger than it looked!  It had a ton of flat bottom and we thought we were just going to be able to boost off it.  A moraine is a big trench of glacial debris left by a receding glacier.  It makes for a nice steep landing thats for sure.

I want to thank Smith and Atomic for helping make this trip possible, and of course Saga, Look for more daily updates from south east coastal ALASKA.

Go Pro outta control, Pep and Julien
This is a Moraine, it is way bigger in person, when I skied up to it I was suprised.
The speed of the blade is too much for my little Iphone, it looks like we lost a blade captain

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