By now you've all probably read the NY Times article on Simon's attempt to break the QP record at Sunday River. This was the "secret story" I've been hyping for weeks so now that the cat's out of the bag, here's three non-revealing photos from day 1.

PBP and MSP are here as well as a bunch of other media folks
The good people at Red Bull are putting this event on
Dumont on the in run. Word was he topped out at around 52 mph today!The record was not broken today. The quarter is being tweaked to extreme perfection and is by far the most massive mound of snow I've seen. Props to Sunday River and Red Bull for putting this together! I know it's not much, three measly photos, but I can only "leak" as many photos as Red Bull will allow. Just sit tight, check NS frequently, and I'll do my best to keep you all informed as the Dumont goes for the record! *Word is Colby West and Peter Olenick will be here tomorrow. NBC is here as well as Aura 360 who has brought the biggest crane cam I've seen in my life! Stay Tuned!-Rogge