The Northpark is now a 6-jump line, that you can vary with boxes and rails. They have added three jumps up top where the halfpipe usually is, and added one extra jump to the old 2-jump line. Here is the park from top to bottom:

Things start off with a little 15-20 footer
Then you can hit a second jump or the trap box.
After that, you've got the option to hit one of these 3 boxes. If you can hit more than 1 at a time, please post video.
This is the view from the top of the bottom 3 jump line.
View from the chairlift of the 3-jump line.And that's all she wrote. I know some people are pissed there is no pipe this year, but I honestly feel that this is an improvement over having an icy pipe. I think Tremblant will get a bit more mileage out of this setup than the pipe too.