After a few hours drive from Shasta Lake, Danny and I arrived in Humboldt. We were pretty tired from camping, but our amazing host, Al, was eager to show us around. He took us to a place called Sharps Point with amazing panoramic views.
We walked along the beach for a while then hiked up this hill filled with lupin and other wild flowers.
The change in climate from Shasta to Humboldt was hot and dry to chilly and wet. Pretty much anything grows in Humboldt and the environment thrives. I loved how lush and green it was.
From the top of the point you could see the surrounding redwood forest. From far away the redwoods don't seem to be nearly as big as they are once you're standing next to them. Of the 137 known trees over 350 feet tall, 100 of them are in the Humboldt Redwoods State Park.
Sharps Point was a perfect start to our Northern California experience. Little did we know what tour guide Al had in store for us from Big Foot stories (which I am now convinced Big Foot exists) to the daunting redwoods...the next few days were amazing.