Newschoolers' Review:

This is actually the first time I have ridden the Soul Rider, but from what I have been told it is unchanged since its inception. It's very playful in the tails, even more so in the tips. Buttering around was super easy. It is also very quick edge to edge, but the tips flop around a fair amount. Great for jibbing, maybe not so much for charging around. - Lemuel

Member Review:

A very playful ski throughout the park, where you can make anything a feature or a line, and a very fun all mountain ski if you wanted to charge with a little fresh. The tip and tail are a little flappy when charging but still fun. On rails I don't think you can find a better ski, while on jumps they can be difficult unless you land square. Basically a great ski that you can do anything on, but watch out for the weight, and the what could be a too buttery tip and tail. -AnchorFilms

Characteristics: Versatile, Buttery, Lacking Stability

Manufacturer's Description:

The Soul Rider is an extremely playful and versatile all mountain twin. With a 97mm waist, traditional camber under foot and a slight bit of early rise rocker in the tip and tail, you can take this ski wherever you want with confidence. Built for a wide range of skiers, this ski will tackle the park to the peaks and everything in-between while putting a grin on you face from ear to ear.

Sizes: 169, 177, 185 CM

Dimensions: 134 / 97 / 124 MM

Radius: 14.5 - 18.5 M