(Montreal, Quebec) January 2009 – Building on its growth in the many markets it serves, Nordica has gone all out in this, its 70th anniversary season, to attract both male and female skiers. Freeride and freestyle skiers will enjoy fresh, exciting graphics, and new models have been added to the company’s women’s line. Moreover, as part of its constant focus on performance, Nordica is introducing a new boot technology to the market, developed in collaboration with the University of Padova, which specializes in sports biometrics. The advance has been dubbed Efficient Dynamics Technology or EDT. And speaking of performance, skiers driven by high performance will be delighted with the new Speedmachine Mach 4 Power ski. In addition, the XBI CT system introduced on a number of models last season has been added to the entire line. The system allows for the rapid adjustment of bindings and provides maximum edge hold, from tip to tail. The following are a few highlights of this season’s line:

A woman’s world

Because Nordica designers know that female skiers have the same skills and aspirations as their male counterparts, the company is providing them with two new ski models within the freeride/freestyle collection in order to help them get the most from their experience: Nemesis freeride skis and Phenom twin tip skis, as well as a line of boots that meets the needs of freeride skiers and includes four Hot Rod W models (Hot Rod 115 W shown at right). From Whistler to Mont Sainte-Anne, this equipment will bring out the best in skiers. Models are presented in greater detail on page 3.

EDT - Efficient Dynamics Technology: Less effort, more power

The new boot in the Dobermann (race) series incorporates a key technological advance discovered through extensive biomechanical research and designed to minimize the athlete’s exertion while enhancing the transmission of power. The basic principle consists of attaching a high-quality aluminum sole to the boot’s shell with four screws, completely eliminating movement between the shell and the boot. This added feature also reduces any loss of efficiency caused by the flexing or torsion of the boot’s plastic. What a great idea!

The highly anticipated Speedmachine Mach 4 Power (sidecut: 121-74-106)

On the heels of the Speedmachine Mach 1 XBi, which created much excitement among skiers, came the Mach 2 XBI and Power to further win over ski enthusiasts; the Mach 3 Power followed, much to the delight of true devotees of the sport. Well, hold onto your poles, because this year, the new Speedmachine Mach 4 Power XBI CT brings together all of Nordica’s top-performing technologies in a single product to allow you to take on anything the mountain throws at you: the toughest runs, tightest turns, competitions and other challenging runs, or simply carving your way downhill in full control. Suffice to say, we’re bracing ourselves for the anticipated reaction to this bold newcomer.

Snow park and halfpipe collection

For daring snow park skiers, we set out to introduce a new design reflective of the thrills they seek each day they’re at the slopes. The line’s artistic inspiration draws on games of chance and dominos, with names that include Dead Money, Ace of Spades and Double Six. The base of the ski was also a focus of the new design approach. The result: high-performance products that allow the skier ample room to manoeuvre. A few models are shown on page 3.

The winds of change have blown through Nordica with the expansion of the product line, and a clean-up was made in our product names to simplify the process for skiers and the media alike. The quality of Nordica skis during demo days is winning over more and more skiers, many of whom have long recognized the company’s stellar reputation when it comes to ski boots.

About Nordica

Nordica was founded in 1939 in Italy and this year celebrates its 70th anniversary. Dedicated to supplying high-performance products in all of its sectors, the company built its reputation on the construction of top quality ski boots, which are among the most popular in Canada. It launched its ski line in 1999 and today stands apart through its purist vision of performance – a vision that benefits skiers of all calibres. Nordica products are distributed in more than 400 retail outlets across Canada. In addition to the Nordica line of skis and boots, Nordica’s parent company, Tecnica Group, also owns the prestigious brands Rollerblade, Nitro, and the L1 snowboard clothing line.