Coming to America as an exchange student got its advantages, but you still can't get away from the problems... Really stoked about skiing tomorrow, but how the heck can I get from Loveland to Abasin without being able to drive!? So no ride for tomorrow... Not cool :/

But fortunately my neighbor came over and asked me about how the skiing was, "fantastic" was my only response, there's nothing more to say.

When i said i couldn't get a ride tomorrow thought, he felt sorry for me. So he took me over to his house, and said he had something i might be interested in..? So i followed, and out of his garage he pulled out this perfect skateboard rail his son once used! It's just a couple of meters long, but temporary until i get some more steel, it's perfect! So instead of skiing tomorrow, I'll get that rail ready for our next blizzard! I'll get up some pictures of it tomorrow too ;D