Yoooooo!Welcome, welcome, welcome from beautiful (rainy) Lake George, home of the oldest sunken warship in North America (true)! This past week saw yours truly finishing up some cool profiles coming your way shortly (tomorrow)! I'm very stoked to be writing you from the comforts of my parents place and not from some hole in the wall in Potsdam. No joke that place is cold. We hit negative 22 on Monday and let me tell you friends, not fun. I won't bore you with weekly college griping, let's get to some skiing.I completed Week 2 of "I'm going to ski every week until the snow is gone" and grabbed part 3 last night! Booyah! Week 2: Week 2 came as a crappy surprise. I was tipped off there was a "decent" jump over at Clarkson University. By decent he meant terrible and miserable, almost unhittable (not an actual word). We made the best of the day and made a few fun gaps over sidewalks and down hills but all in all a poor excuse to put on skis but hey, no one said this weekly adventure was going to be perfect. Week 3: Week 3 was completed last night at my all time (sometime) favorite resort, West Mountain. Jesus it was fun. West has built (thrown together) a good park. I say good park because in years past, there has not been a park. All in all, a good night with Cousin Andy throwing backs like they're going out of style. I'll apologize now for the less than enthusiastic post. New camera coming soon. Jay Peak this weekend! As always, have fun and go skiing!-MRPS: Here's the list:Official "I'm Going To Ski Once a Week Until Snow is Gone" List:Week 1 - Mt. St Bruno D-Jam - notable tricks - switch shifty 180 to deathWeek 2 - Clarkson University - notable tricks - Mute grab to death over sidewalkWeek 3 - West Mountain - notable tricks - 360 Liu Kang (Jibij contest would be proud!)