Skylar and Tony hiking away from Cerro Catedral.

If there is one person that I would never say no to riding with, it would probably be Skylar Holgate. Every time I am lucky enough to be accompanied by Skylar, my day is filled with adventure. He has pushed me beyond what I thought my limits were on multiple occasions. While I've been scared, I've also been way more inspired because of it.

Taking in the view from a new vantage point.

On this particular day, he didn't scare me, but he showed me the way to the best snow on the mountain. Skylar, Tony, Nicki, and I all were treated to an absolutely amazing day in the backcountry off Cerro Catedral.

Tony and Skylar at the top of their line. Condor bait.

With a relatively short hike away from the mountain we reached a zone that was untouched. Skylar and Tony rode their lines first. A technical chute into, well I don't know what because I couldn't see past the first turn. I watched Skylar ride the top part of his line and just before dropping in he mentioned that if his line didn't go, he wasn't about to climb back up.

Looking down the boy's line.

After Skylar radioed back up to Tony, Tony ripped down after him. I was up next followed by Nicki down a more mellow chute skiers right of their lines. The snow was perfect and the chute opened up into a blanket of white powder.

Looking back up at our run. Nicki is the tiny black dot below the rocks.

After riding the top portion of the run, we dropped into a slightly different aspect with fun poppers all the way down. The snow was still surprisingly good. My legs were burning once we made it to the bottom. I love that feeling.

Skylar slash.

With Skylar and Tony leading the way home, Nicki and I tried our best to keep up with them. I couldn't help, but stop a few times to take in the view and our surroundings dotted with lakes, bamboo, and bare trees.