All videos/photo courtesy of Nitro Circus

For what would have been Erik Roner's 40th birthday earlier this November, Nitro Circus released a series of their top 10 favorite #LiveLikeRoner moments. Not every one of these videos contains Erik skiing, but they are all well worth a watch as they showcase his humor, friendships, and general badassery over the years. Erik is greatly missed by so many more than just the ski community, but it is feats like the ones below that make his legacy last forever.

Coming in at number 10, Erik and the crew decided to check out an indoor skiing facility while in Russia. He then tied himself to the creator of Nitro Circus Gregg Godfrey, hitting the bag jump together and proceeding to get kicked out in true Roner fashion.

If you know Nitro Circus, you know Streetbike Tommy. And if you know Streetbike Tommy, you know he's not the most well suited guy for sky diving. It only seems right to have Roner alongside him on his first jump.

After hiking up a 900 meter cliff in the freezing cold, Roner takes Travis Pastrana base jumping in the Norwegian Fjords.

Here you can really see the pure stoke Roner felt from what he did, this time it just happened to come from darting a Rhino in South Africa.

A day's worth of base jumping in Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland.

"I grew up wanting to be a ninja and it's something that's always eluded me... It's really important to me, I look at it really seriously."

Witness Roner round out the podium of a camel race in the Australian Outback.

He was really good at getting people to do things they didn't want to.

Despite how much Travis Pastrana hates the cold, he truly enjoyed skiing in Japan with Roner and even managed to try a backflip.

#1. Arguably Roner's favorite stunt from Nitro Circus, his grand entrance. Watch as he BASE jumps into a stadium for a sold out crowd of Nitro Circus Live.

And a personal favorite for good measure.

Thanks for everything Erik Roner. Happy birthday and SIP boss!