Sweedish Freeskier Lucas Stål Madison, better known as LSM has joined forces with Nissan to promote their best-selling electric car, the LEAF.

LSM, who is also an ambassador at Protect Our Winters commented for Nissan Europe, "Reducing the climate impact of the snow sport means that we together must dare to see ourselves in the mirror, realize that we are part of the problem and start taking small steps in the right direction. It's about changing how we transport, how we eat and how we consume. It was an obvious choice for me to choose Nissan and new LEAF. To me it's a matter of course to drive 100% on electricity, whether I'm going to Kittelfjäll or Biarritz."

LSM and cinematographer/Bunch crew compatriot Pär Peyben Hägglund are teaming up to capture their travel to Sweeden's premier skiing destinations on 100% electricity.