Photographers Matt Kloskowski and Scott Kelby have a new website which will air a weekly show about Nikon gear and Nikon related photography tips. This is a little strange, if only because it seems like one big advertisement for Nikon… and basically, that’s what it is – because the site is in fact sponsored by Nikon. Still, all information is good information, and these guys are giving it away. So what if they make me want to buy that D700 in the process?

While we all love Nikon (except for those who don’t, for some reason) it’s clear that DTOWN will focus mostly on gear, which is fine – as long as you don’t expect too many DIY tips or third party gear tutorials.

What I would love to see is a show like this one, but unsponsored – an independent photography studio just talking about the tricks of the trade. I love studio photography, but have only been exposed to it in school – so that kind of insight would be really welcome. The problem with most photographers these days is that most pro’s don’t like to discuss their tricks, methods, and workflow – because that’s their livelihood, and they would rather keep it to themselves. In my vast exposure to the photography community, if I’ve discovered anything it’s that the photography community is fairly insular. That’s changing though, mostly thanks to the internet and attemps like DTOWN.