On Saturday, February 19th, Mount Seymour in Vancouver and Nike 6.0 hosted the highly anticipated second annual Nike 6.0 Greatest Hits Park Jam.  

Everyone was treated to a beautiful bluebird day, perfectly manicured park, and the newest Greatest Hits feature to step up to, the SLC Rail Gardens Double Line. The whole setup flowed from top to bottom immaculately, starting with last year's Red Ledge, followed by the Burlington Double Set, and finally the SLC Double Line.

The Red Ledge

The Burlington Double Set

The SLC Double Line

About 200 participants showed up, some who made the two-hour drive from Whistler, to session the park and get boat loads of free swag for their efforts. And to top it all off, Monster Energy was pumping up the crowd all day long with live DJ sets and free samples while hot dogs and burgers were flying off the grill for all to enjoy. Overall you couldn't have asked for a better day on the mountain.