Nico Vuignier, the man behind some of the raddest videos on the internet including the dementor-esque Black Ochre video, Torched (where he attached torches to his skis for a night shred), & the most famous of all; the Centriphone video, is back with another wild video concoction.

The poor man's selfie drone looks like he's simply throwing his GoPro out in front of him and hoping that he stays in frame but upon further inspection, you can tell he has something along the lines of this Nerf football rigged up to his GoPro to keep it stable mid-flight.

Childhood memories all over again...

Notice the 4 fins for stability

Just like several of his other videos, Nico will hopefully release a behind-the-scenes edit & even leak the design for the "poor man's GoPro" so that everyone & their Jerry cousin will be hucking these things around resorts next winter.

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