Nick Goepper turned 22 on Monday.

If you were slacking, and you didn’t know that, don’t worry. The birthdates of professional and semi-professional freeskiers are not common knowledge among devotees to the culture. I think that is because it would be kind of a weird thing to know. It seems obsessive; the line for acceptable fandom is pretty obvious.

Well, Nick Goepper fears no such obsession. Like so many of the folks you follow on social media who have moved on from their landmark 21st birthdays into the meaningless doldrums of their early mid-twenties, Goepper marked the occasion with Taylor Swift’s iconic 22. It’s an exciting feeling, that any of us who has had that birthday since “Red” dropped, in 2012, can definitely relate to. “I don’t know about you,” we said to our friends, “but…”

Rarely, though, does someone take the time to actually recreate T-swift’s music video and so hats off to Goepper for once again setting the bar for progression. Please remember to tag three friends in the video, and please, please try and get outdoors today.