The Green Bay Packers have made it to the Super Bowl with a whopping 16 players on injured reserve, an impressive testament to the talent and depth of thehttp://ir roster. But while the players who will play in the Super Bowl deserve credit for stepping in when those 16 players were hurt, the injured players say they deserve some credit, too.

And they want to be in the team's Super Bowl picture.

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Packers linebacker Nick Barnett, who started the first four games of the season before being lost for the year with a wrist injury, says he believes he and others who contributed to the season before going on injured reserve should be part of that picture. He's disappointed that the team plans to exclude them.

"In our team meeting room, there are pictures of past championship teams that line the wall, and we stare at them every day," Barnett told Michael Silver of Yahoo Sports. "There's a spot there that's empty – that was for us, this year. We'd go in there and visualize being on that wall, and think about the effort it would take to get there. You'd see guys like Ray Nitschke up there, and that's motivation. So, now that we've gotten to the Super Bowl, to not be on that wall ... well, it's disheartening."

Barnett is right: He was a member of the 2010 Green Bay Packers, and he should be included in their team picture. The Packers should reconsider and add their injured players to the group.

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