Nial Romanek is a staple out at Windells during the summer. He’s a down-t0-Earth, friendly Minnesota native, with a strong work ethic in his riding and a bag of tricks that is so deep he was turning heads all last summer on the Windells’ jib lines. Nial came out to camp to host Session 1 with Forest Bailey, Johnny Lazz, and Will Bateman last year, and he’s returning Summer 2012 with his teammates from Flow to takeover Session 7. Nial will be lapping the park, putting on games and events, and hanging out with campers along with Brandon Reis, Tim Humphreys, the Shane Fortier, Sarka Pancochova, and more. Nial is an incredibly creative rider with an awesome attitude, so if you want to come shred and hang out with Nial, make sure to sign up for Session 7, when the Flow Team Takeover Session is going to be out of control!

Last summer, Nial let us in on some of the fun that went down during Session 1. Check it out below and get ready for even more during Session 7 2012!

Name: Nial Romanek

Sponsors: Flow, NXTZ, Saga Outerwear, 3L,

Home mountain: Giant?s Ridge, Minnesota

Where do you live now: Truckee, California. I?ve lived there for four years.

When were you at Windells this past summer? In 2011, I was at camp hosting Session 1.

What was your favorite part about the park on hill? Probably the down-flat-down rail. It?s perfect. There?s a bunch of lines that flow together really well. You know how the park is, you choose your line at the top of the hill, either left line, center line or right line, all of the lines are really flowy and you can mix it up each run.

What is your favorite thing about Windells campus?

Just that it?s all there together and they have the illest skatepark that you could possibly have. I think it?s just sick that there?s a full-on campus, everything is together?once you?re in Windells, it?s this huge area of skating and having fun. You have everything you need right in front of you.

Tell us about the line contest you guys held on hill.

We did a line contest, which included the Nike 6.0 wooden spine, into a pole jam. We wanted to see more of campers showcasing their skills, if you can do two things in a row that are sick, that?s really what riding in the park is about. Doing lines, hitting features in a row and putting down sick tricks. We rode with the campers to encourage them to go for it. It was awesome.

Tell us about the Flow event you held?

I did a popsicle eating contest, which consisted of campers eating two popsicles (which were double-wide), and then the winner from each round got gear from Flow and also got to go into a final round, where they got the big prizes, like boots and a bag. The funniest, was this one girl in the final round, who had so much cold-ness, she was about to puke. She kept putting her hands up to her mouth like she was going to puke, but ,she didn?t. It was mellow.

What was a memorable moment off hill for you? When the Lifeblood team came to skate. One of the guys did front blunt to regs around the pocket with the loveseat in it. I thought that dude was amazing.


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