Words: Sam Turner

Photos: Jamie Walter

I think my favourite part of these past two days was watching one very dedicated and very shirtless camper try for a backflip and end up somewhere in the vortex of tuck-for-double rotations. Or maybe it was watching Ethan Stone drop into the High Cascade pipe for the first time - the first time any skier had been allowed in, no poaching whatsoever. Or maybe it was seeing 90+ campers shredding their brains out all over Windells' set up. Sometimes it's hard to pick favourites when everything is as awesome as it is at camp.

A camper starts the morning off with a laid out backflip

Andy Parry enjoyed his day off by one footing the round tube DFD

We wrapped up the on-hill portion of day two of Newschoolers Week 2014 under perfect blue skies, with spirits about as high as they could be. These past two days in the lane have been stellar despite a bit of a rocky start weather-wise. Come rain or shine though, this group of campers, coaches, staff and pros has been getting all kinds of sendy on every feature Windells has to offer. Noah Wallace put on a hand drag clinic during the NS knuckle competition while another camper (who couldn't have been more than about 5'0") threw down with a butter seven of his own. Dom Laporte spent both days lapping the rail section, slaying just about every feature on offer while Sander Hadley has proved to everyone he can hold it down in the park [almost] as well as he rips up the rest of the mountain. To look uphill at Windells' park set up is like looking at a seething hive of activity - every feature getting hit at every moment. It's as chaotic as it is totally fucking rad.

3! 2! 1! Slide! Campers dive to start the penguin sliding contest.

Newschoolers news editor Sam Turner took on the role of emcee for the day

There's definitely a reason they call this the "funnest" place on earth. Everything from wake up until lights out is one giant, stoke-filled party. We tried to compile a list of the best things we'd seen in our first two days here and it was getting out of hand in a hurry. Among the top few: Dom Laporte catching a frog in the pond behind our house; Steve Stepp testing out the new Sony AS100 action cam by chasing children around the hill; The Hood Crew and everything the Hood Crew does; Penguin racing; Knockout basketball with ski boots. The list goes on, but we'll have to cover that ground another day.

Noah Wallace was flipping in all sorts of different directions during the knuckle-hucking contest.

Sander Hadley accepted the challenge of tossing a screamin’ seamen off of a knuckle. He succeeded, twice.

Newschoolers video editor Gavin Rudy is stoked on NS x Windells week

There's a hundred other things that we've seen and done but at some point I need to wrap this article. We can't wait to see what's up next, but based on everything we've seen thus far, it's guaranteed to be a damn good time. Keep it locked to the NS homepage for all the updates. Until then, we're gonna go fishing, and skate, and ski, and play basketball, and ski some more. Damn, camp is the best.

Guest pro Dominic Laporte hot lapped the rail section Saturday afternoon

Nicky Keefer throwing down a switch cork 5 nose grab on the big jump

Joey Van Der Meer with a massive nose grab cork 7