Cover photo: Windells/Christian Raguse

Newschoolers and @Windells are a classic combination. You don't have to wind the clock back far to reach a time when there was a Newschoolers week at the camp on Mt. Hood every summer. @Mr.Bishop was 'On The Road' back then, causing mayhem and toeing the line of what could be considered acceptable behavior at a summer camp. The eagle-eyed among you may notice a pre-fame Alex Hall in this one...


As Doug wrote after the event, "camp is a special thing. Sure, you get to rip laps in a super fun park right in the middle of summer, but you also develop an extremely close relationship with people who regularly you might not - and those times stick with you forever."

The recap edit of the previous year's Newschoolers Week, filmed by none other than @gravel , brings back a lot of memories too: G-d up @skimanskimanskim , @crazy_karl as a park rat, Tucker Fitzsimmons as a camper, and an appearance from the legendary Matt Heffernan (SIP).



After a few years on hiatus, this summer sees Newschoolers return to Windells. The 18th-24th of July will be Newschoolers Week on the Palmer Glacier and fittingly, we'll have Gavin out there repping NS. We're stoked to welcome Parker White ( @P-White ), Duncan Adams ( @duncanadams ), and Jake Mageau as our guest pros for what is sure to be an epic week.


King/Queen Of The Park - Windells:

As an added bonus for campers in Newschoolers Week, we're stoked to announce the #KingQueenOfThePark contest, giving those in attendance a chance to win big prizes from Windells' sponsors. We want to see your best 3 tricks from the Windells setup. Only shots filmed during NS week will be accepted. The rules are simple:

1) Submit one video with your best three (3) tricks filmed at Windells Ski Camp during Newschoolers Week (July 18th-24th, 2021. Video must include recognizable landmarks identifying Windells Ski Camp.

2) You may edit together multiple different clips (your run doesn’t need to be continuous). Entries can only be a maximum of one minute long!

3) Multiple angles may be used, but at least one clip of each trick must show the full trick from takeoff to landing.

4) Only raw audio files may be used. No music or sound effects allowed. The contest has two stages, the first for submitting entries, and the second for voting and judging.



Our judges, the Newschoolers Team and guest judges from Windells will follow these criteria:

25% Creativity

25% Public Voting

50% Overall Impression

Make sure to share your entry on social media to get more votes! Don't forget to tag @newschoolers @windells @quiksilver @roxy #kingqueenofthepark to get noticed.



First Prize Men: $500 gift card from Quiksilver, paired with 50% off everything on the Quiksilver website

First Prize Women: $500 gift card from Roxy, paired with 50% off everything on the Roxy website



To enter this contest, you must be a registered attendee at Windells Ski Camp during Newschoolers Week, happening July 18th-24th, 2021