Intro by Mr.Bishop:

If you've been to a summer camp before, then you know how absolutely incredible an experience it is. If you haven't, then trust me my friend - you are missing out. My journey started in this industry when my eye was caught at a Pharmacy in London, Ontario by a skier doing a Lincon Loop on the cover of this magazine I had never seen before titled "Freeze". Picking it up, I was enamored with what I saw, and instantly knew that my future was going to be about nothing but this. At that time I was a ski racer, smashing gates in spandex 24/7 and just wishing I didn't suck so bad at snowboarding.

Within the pages of that Freeze Magazine, I saw an ad for High North Ski Camp up in the Whistler Glacier. I knew that I was going straight to the terrain park to start, and would work as many odd jobs as necessary to get myself out to a session of camp.

Though at the time I was a 19 year old massive park gaper, the coaches welcomed me with open arms... they were all the guys I had read about in the mags that year and the movies I had purchased - they were my new heroes that hung around my room in posters staring at me... inspiring me. I really credit summer camp for being the place that started it all for me, as during the years of my progression from three years as a camper, to digger and finally on to head digger I formed all the relationships that have made my path through this industry possible.

Not only that, but the improvement in your skiing that can happen when you spend even a few days skiing in hot, slushy conditions is incredible. In those few days with all the best coaches, amazing facilities and soft jumps will leave your buddies amazed when the season starts at how far you've progressed.

These days there are a ton of different options for camp - everything from the glacier experience to piles of snow stashed away at resorts to Snowflex without any snow at all. Depending on your budget and what you want - there is a camp for you to attend. Any age, any skill level and any type of person can have an amazing time at one of these camps, so we wanted to do our best to help guide you through what is out there.

Thus, we present to you the 2015 Newschoolers Summer Camp Guide, where we've gone through the work of compiling as much information as we can. Time is definitely running out to sign up - and if you're still doubting whether dumping your hard-earned lawn mowing money or promising your parents straight A's for a year - stop that and just get it done.

Trust me, nothing I have ever done in my life has been as fun as my years at Ski Camp.


Mount Hood


Dates: May 24th-August 29th (14 Sessions)

Price (USD): $1345/week

Notable Coaches: Mike Hornbeck, Maks Gorham, Shea Flynn, Kieran McVeigh, Chris Logan, Kevin Malone

Off hill activities: White water rafting, rockclimbing, trampoline, paintball, mountain biking, field sports, zip-line/log-walk, cliff jumping, hiking etc.

The basics from them:

We're in the BUSINESS OF MAKING BETTER SKIERS AND SNOWBOARDERS and we operate year-round, so our overhead is spread out over 12 months (as opposed to being crammed into 2 months of the summer). We aren't paying pros big bucks to fly in for one session and we've been doing this for 30+ years so we know how to do things efficiently and at lower costs.We're the most affordable on snow summer ski/snowboard camp there is.

We do a ton of video analysis as part of the coaching/teaching. We are the only camp at Mt Hood with exclusive rights to set up 4 TV/Video stations at the top of the Palmer chalirlift inside the lift terminal. So our campers get instant ON-MOUNTAN video feedback from their training. With this type of immediate visual on-hill feedback, everything is still fresh in their minds on what they need to work on for their NEXT RUN.....vs having to wait 24 hours.

We have 2 big lodges and an excellent meal program. Lots to do at camp with on-site trampoline, skate ramp, soccer field, basketball hoops, pool table, ping-pong, foosball, air hockey, slackline. Buffet style breakfast and dinner with tons of choices for the picky eater. Free wifi/computers to use.

We are the only camp open from Memorial Day weekend all they way until Labor Day weekend. Our campers have 14 week-long sessions to choose from. We realize people have varying schedules in the summer months, so by being open the whole summer, we have a session for you.

Pros: Cheapest US on snow camp, Chill Vibe, On mountain video feedback, Known for great coaching, Racer girls

Cons: Less pros to suck up to, smaller private park

"mhssc was sick. Bomb ass food especially the breakfast. Park is great and campers and coaches are chill" PsychedelicMoose



Dates: 16th June - 13th August (6 Sessions)

Price (USD): $1999

Notable Coaches: Nicky Keefer, Jason Arens, Nick Martini, Steve Stepp, Tyler Barnes, Christian Allen, John Ware, Reed Lewis, Will Berman. Jack Borland. Austin Torvinen. Karl Fostvedt, Brady Perron

Activities: Skatepark, Mountain Bike/BMX, Autograph Signing, Slip&Slide, Human Bowling, Mountain Boarding

The basics from them:

For 25 years, Windells has aimed to deliver a fun, safe learning environment for ski campers to unlock full potential regardless of age, gender and ability. With the guidance of the very best ski coaches and counselors, campers test ambitions in a positive, progressive atmosphere.

The Windells Private Park, a 1.5 mile-long freestyle terrain facility for skiers and snowboarders, sits on Palmer Glacier, a year-round natural snowfield. Windells campers now have access to more snow than any other snowboard or ski summer camp in the world! Dozens of Olympic athletes and X Games medalists have been through the Windells program. The biggest and best athletes from around the world come to Windells to hang out with campers, participate in fun camp activities, skate Windells' impressive campus, and enjoy the beautiful Northwest. Campers of all ages have the time of their life at Windells!

Pros: Huge park, skatepark on campus, Newschoolers Week: Session 2, Pro Skiers for days

Cons: Less interesting off-snow activities, Long/unpleasant bus ride to hill, Bad food




Dates: June 19th-July 27th (5 sessions)

Price (USD): $1,984.91 (9 days)

Group Size: 4-7

Notable Coaches: Joss Christensen, Tom Wallisch, James Woods, Torin Yater-Wallace, Bobby Brown, Vinnie Cash, TJ Schiller, Corey Vanular.

Activities: Water ramps, Trampolines, Skatepark, Stand Up Paddleboard, Kayaking, Climbing, Paintball and more.

The basics from them:

Our crew is made up of the most talented skiers in the world. Their names and results speak for themselves. Our coaches don't just 'post-up' or ride the lanes, they teach, motivate, inspire and ski with you all day! Their ability to demonstrate any trick or technique you are working on allows for the fastest learning possible. You also get to ski with a different coach each day to benefit from all of their unique knowledge, experience and coaching styles. The coaches work in small groups of 4 – 7 skiers of a similar ability so you learn at the right pace.

Momentum offers the largest park on the glacier with the greatest variety of terrain from park to pipe to bumps, rails, jumps and airbags. The Momentum terrain park is built for skiers only and last year offered 6-7 lanes of space, including a full mogul course,half pipe and 2 giant air bags. With so much terrain our park can cater to all levels of skiers and our volume of skiers per lane is lower than most camps, therefore less crowded and safer. For a safer learning progression our park has a variety of jumps and rails from small to large and we utilize the Whistler Water Ramp extensively along with multiple trampolines and a foam pit, with certified instructors to teach you how to learn to jump safely. The camp is sanctioned by the Canadian Freestyle Ski Association.

Our location on the glacier dominates the Showcase T-bar. The T-bar has the shortest lift lines on the glacier ensuring the fastest turnaround times and most runs per day of any camp.

Enjoy breakfast as soon as you wake up at the base of the mountain at the Wizard Grill, juice-break and snack on hill, all-you-can-eat lunch at the top of the mountain at the Horstman Hut. Dinners consist of a dine-around meal plan located at a different restaurant each night, allowing you to see and experience more of what Whistler has to offer.

Pros: 6 Line park, Private T-Bar, Banger Food at different restaurant every night, Nice Hotel rooms

Cons: Long walk on day 1, Different coach every day

"Momentum is so sick. The hotel is so nice, the food is amazing since you go to a different restaurant every night and the park is unreal." thatparkskiier



Dates: June 29th-July 24th (5 sessions)

Price (USD): $1,785

Group Size: 4-8

Notable Coaches: Sean Pettit, Wiley Miller, Rob Heule, Joe Schuster, Alex Bellemare, Max Morello

Activities: Bungee Jump, Skate/BMX, Movies, Paintball, Trampoline, Mini-Golf

The basics from them:

The Camp of Champions is known worldwide as the summer ski camp where you are going to have the most fun week of your life. Riding all day, Bungee jumping and more at night, eating out at restaurants, going to the movies, making new friends for life and best of all hanging with the biggest names in skiing as your coaches and friends. Have more fun at COC.

When you come to COC you get more time on snow than any other camp, you c can be on snow from 8:15 to 3 PM every day.. Over the course of six days on snow you are riding and getting coached for 42 hours, none of your time is wasted sideslipping the park. It's ready as early as you are. 42 hours is double the amount of on snow coaching time compared to any other camp.

Pros: Fantastically maintained park by Arena Snowparks, most hours on snow, close to hill, Newschoolers Week & Maude Raymond's Ladies Week: Session B

Cons: Long lift lines.

"Camp of champions had a rad park, great food, coaches, pros and accommodations. I had the best week of my life shredding there. If I could afford it I'd definitely go back." Steezy Stokes



Woodward @ Copper

Dates: 7th June - 30th July

Price: $1799

Notable Coaches: Guest coaches from Armada, Surface, Icelantic, Planks and more

Activities: skate tours, go-carts, create-a-skate, music, rock climbing, hiking and more

The basics from them:

This summer is going to be the best summer yet! Don't let the end of winter mark the end of your progression! We offer ON-SNOW PARKS for all levels, as well as an INDOOR TRAINING facility built with progression as our number one priority. Learn all of your tricks in the Barn first where we have 3 huge foam pits, 5 fly-bed trampolines, Skatelite jumps and jibs, a super tramp, and a highly experienced coaching staff.

Pros: Best off snow (The Barn), great coaching, good food

Cons: 3 hours a day on snow, Long lift lines, lots of 11-14y/os, 10pm curfew


Woodward @ Tahoe

Dates: 7th June - 8th August

Prices: $1699 (Week 1-4 On Snow)/ $1099 (Week 5-8 No On Snow)

Notable Coaches: Guest coaches from Armada, Surface, Icelantic, Planks and more

Activities: skate tours, go-carts, create-a-skate, music, rock climbing, hiking and more

Our freeski program will help you be shred ready for the next season. Whether you are out on the hill riding one of the best summer terrain parks around or inside The Bunker you will be sure to leave camp with new tricks and more confidence. Our indoor facility is designed to help you learn your next flip or spin into the foam pit on our Parkskis™. The foam pits are a forgiving place to get all the kinks worked out before taking your trick to snow. We focus teaching you aerial awareness and simple progressions that will give you the confidence you need to style out any trick. Join us this summer, our jump-line and multiple jibs await.

Pros: Great coaching, not too busy, Quad chairlift

Cons: No snow after week 4, not great food, not great rooms


Liberty Snowflex

Dates: July 12th - July 24th (2 Sessions)

Price: $750 (6 days)

Notable Coaches: Nick Goepper, Jonothan Seltzer

Activities: Skatepark, more skiing (2 sessions a day).

The basics from them:

Our camps may not have snow, but we make up for what we lack by actually coaching. We pull some of the best coaches we can find from all over the country and bring them to our facility to assist in coaching the high level of shredders that attend our camps. Tricks learned at Snowflex convert wonderfully to snow and progression has never been easier with the addition of our BagJump, which is open to campers all of camps. Our two main selling points are coaching and price, our camp is so cheap!

Pros: snowflex is rad to learn on, nice dorms, 2 sessions a day, cheap, lots of prizes

Cons: not snow, snowflex burn.

"jumps are rad, you can send it as far as you want basically. the dorms are air conditioned and pretty big. They're actually super nice. Coaching was rad" Mingg



Dates: 6-10th July (1 Session)

Price: $1299,99

Notable Coaches: Phil Casabon, Henrik Harlaut

Activities: Water ramps, trampolines, skate/blading

The basics from them:

For it's 7 year of camp D-Splash is proud to announce the come back of the Inspired Week with Phil Casabon and Henrik Harlaut as coaches. This is your chance to meet two of the best riders in the world in a fun, safe and elite training center. Stay tune for more news and surprises about D-Splash this summer.

With last season's additions of skiing halfpipe and slopestyle into the 2014 Olympics the sport has hit new heights of performance levels. With D-Splash, the proper foundation can be laid in order to progress to these new levels safely through building air sense with the water ramps and trampolines.

Air sense is something that is vital to a freestyle skier. Not only to advance one's self in the sport, but also to prevent injury and help prolong an active involvement in the sport you love.Water ramps and trampolines help build air awareness without the dangers of landing on snow the first time you attempt a trick/maneuver. And as we have seen in the progression of this sport over the winter, air awareness has been pushed to the highest levels.

Our overall goal at D-Splash is to give a fun and safe environment for freestyle skiers to successfully grow their skills. We also want to infuse our campers with the best professional skiers in the world. At D-Splash, these professionals will be training for their upcoming season as well, which will help show the campers what drive, skill and motivation it takes to be the best at the sport we all love.

Pros: Inspiyad coaches, fun relaxed vibe, great for progression

Cons: No on snow


Ohio Dreams

Dates: June 14th-July 11th (4 sessions)

Price: $1200

Notable Coaches: Nick Goepper, Chris laker

Activities: Water ramps, trampolines, jib setup, slip and slide, dirt jumps, skatepark

The basics from them:

The Ohio Dreams Freeski camp has the ability to work with any level skier to help them achieve their goals of winter time fun during the summer. Whether you want to work on arials or rails we have you covered. Our coaches are trained in arial trampoline progression that you can take to the water ramps and then onto the snow.

We are the only dedicated Freeski Water Ramp summer camp in the Country. With our Exclusive Program the amount of time you spend on ski's is only limited by the amount of energy you have to keep going. At Ohio Dreams you never have to wait in long lines and our instructors are there for you. They will spend more time with you and give you more one on one instruction than any other camp out there.

Pros: 'Best slip and slide in the world', great for progression, only US based water ramp camp

Cons: No on snow, 10pm lights out, Scooter kids

"Always have had a great time at Ohio dreams. Met a lot of friends there, and progressed a ton." Chupa_Chups