Cover photo: Matt Dufresne in MTL by @Mayrandpodcast

Here at NS, we are lucky enough to have an insane number of movies pop up on our platform. Over recent years, we've been working with producers to support more and more projects, aiming to highlight what we see as one of, if not the, most important elements of ski culture. Each year we try to work with more crews to give them the hype they deserve, and this year was no exception.

Part of that has been organizing 24hr online premieres to boost the presence of these projects, and this year, we're back with a cracking season of spectacular ski movies premiering right here on NS. Many of these are projects we've also been able to support with the NS Stimulus cheques and we'll be supporting more this coming season in addition to a series of unique edits (which we'll be revealing in the coming weeks). We'd also like to thank Fat Tire for jumping on board to support the launches and helping spread these movies even further. The following is subject to change but for now, here's what's coming and when, so join us for a beer and some great skiing:

- 19th October: Peace Lily - @dylansiggers and Jake Strassman

- 26th October: From Us To You - @entourage

- 2nd November: Yup - @sammyC

- 6th November: MTL - Matt Dufresne, Vincent Authier & @Mayrandpodcast

- 9th November: Ritsch's Roll LIVE - @LOS

- 13th November: Bucket Clips - Rosina Friedel & Ludwig Hagelstein

- 16th November: Electric - @OS_Crew

- 20th November: Couple's Retreat - @fredyferl & Isabelle Lacour

- 23rd November: Y - @buldozgang

- 30th November: Delete - @strictly

- 7th December: Many Fantasies Later - @TheBunch

- *Date TBD*: Recipe - Bug Visionaries (Feat. Coline Ballet-Baz, Taylor Lunquist etc)