The Newschoolers Tell A Friend Tour, presented by Ski Monster, kicks off tomorrow (or today, or yesterday depending on when you're reading this). The basic format remains the same: visit hills, get kids stoked, give out prizes and then eat pizza. In other words, it's the realest thing that anyone is putting on in the ski industry right now, because in founder and general boss Andy Parry's words "it's about the FANS and the kids who love skiing."

But new for this year the tour includes a competition element, something Andy has wanted to bring to the table for several years now. In recent times, skiing has lacked truly open and inclusive competition option and this year the two TAFT weekend events at Killington and Chestnut will provide just that. The format, straight from the brain of the Head Wizard himself, sounds pretty damn fun. I'm not currently in possession of an exact set of rules, presumably because in the spirit of freedom in skiing, there isn't one. But I do know this: At both stops there is a $2k prize fund with additional money injected by way of a $20 entry fee which goes straight in to the pot.

All entrants qualify for a morning session, judged by the TAFT pros and focusing on trick challenges, feature challenges and all manner of other inventions from the creative minds involved. Each of these mini 'comps' comes with a marked cash prize and then in the middle of the day lunch happens, cash winnings are counted and the top earners progress to a final showdown on a selected feature or set of features. All of which culminates in a winner (or winners), who takes home the remainder of the cash. It's loose, it's free and it's definitely different. We're more than stoked to see how it pans out!

Further details about all stops can be found here.

Killington Comp Info

Chestnut Comp Info