Hello everyone,

A small news to let you know a bit about what we do and what I’m doing during the


First, it must be said that luck is not with us since the

New Zealand trip. We went first to Saas Fee, but the snow

Park was not at all suited to our training. So 5 days

doing things more or less already acquired rather than new things

. Then an internship in Austria that we had to cancel (because the

weather forecast was not good) and was replaced by the

trampoline and water jump very satisfactory in water at 14 ° C. ..

Last Saturday we finally went to Austria, but fate has

still hard on us. 3-days snowstorm so 3 days without

ski, then one day to rebuild the snow park because he still

snowed a meter. Cons and finally ending two days of skiing very very

productive. Double rotations in all directions.

Ben Valentin Dub Cork 12 Tail

For me especially,I advanced training gradually. The

There is progress and we will see them the beginning of winter for the next competitions.

For now it’s still training time. During November we will

surely return to Austria, for a bit in Saas Fee and then we’re gonna

fly to Colorado and ski the pipe before the first Cooper