A couple of days ago... I guess 4-5 days ago, not really keeping track of days and dates down here. We went up to Treble Cone to shoot Jon´s kicker. 6 AM wake up, raced the sun up to the hill and made it up to a beautifull sunrise. Everything was looking good.
Two stoked guys ready to sesh.
Something that´s starting to be an ugly habit, Jon showed up in a Helicopter. So we took pics so we would look cool to..After probably a hundred speed checks we finaly pulled the plug. What was starting out as a perfect session fast became an utter dissapointment. Due to new really slow snow we didn´t get speed. no one of us didn´t even try it. It was kinda funny, after 5 hours of speed checking, trying to get the speed to get over the gap. We figured out that if we´re only trying to make it over the gap it´s not worth it to try cause we still had like 10 meters left to the landing. So basicly we called it a day.
So since that seemed to be the only window with nice weather. It looked pretty dark for the rest of this trip. When we found out that the biggest storm on the planet we´re coming in we decided to try to get the hell out of here. That didn´t work so we been stuck indoors since then. we did manage to get some tennis in though. Wanna go home!PK