On June 12th I departed from PWM in Maine and started my journey to New Zealand. I travled with my older sister (Natalya-20) and my cousin (Mike-20) to visit my oldest sister (Tamsin-21). Once we got all the way across United States, we ended up In LAX ( the Los Angeles airport). We were VERY late with only 30 minutes to get our tickets, go through security, and find our gate, luckly our plane was delayed 15 minutes so we made it. The flight from L.A. to Auckland ( which is the biggest city in New Zealand and where my sister lives) took about 13-14 hours. The trip was amazing, New Zealand is deffentley one of the most gorgeous places I have ever seen, with crystal clear blue water and giant snowy white capped mountains, its deffentley the closest this from paradise, well for me at least. There were sheep gallore, sheep is one of there biggest economy products, there are millions of sheep and thousands of sheep farms. The people there are also very nice and chill, it seems like they rarely get mad at all and are hilarious. After travleing tons we got to ski for 1 day at the Remarkables, it was a great day with blue skys and sunshine, about 50-60 degrees, for me at least, a 50-60 degree skiing day in winter would be amazingly warm. The obsession of rugby there is unreal, the New Zealand rugby team is called the All Blacks, most of them are local Mauri's (the native tribe of New Zealand). Before everygame the All Blacks do this chant called the Haka to try to intimadate the other team, and I must say it is pretty crazey, heres a link I found on youtube to show what it looks like.


Overall the trip was one of the best tiems of my life, and I highly suggest if anyone has the chance to jump on it right away. Here are a few pictures of the trip.