28 days after its release Apple announced that they had sold 1 million ipads in America alone. No doubt this figure will keep on multiplying over and over again as the units go on worldwide sale in the next few weeks. I had the chance to play with one a few weeks ago in the Santa Monica store and i can see just how much potential there is for magazines and books to make the transition into the electronic market instead of relying purely on the print industry.

If you’re starting to think about checking out online magazines a good place to start is New Zealand Snowboarder who have just put an issue online for the first time. Will online magazines be for everyone? Probably not, but there’s no denying we’ll be seeing more and more magazines follow suit and boost their internet presence.

So here it is below. Check it out, visit their site and see what New Zealand snowboarding is all about. Cast a glance to page 38 for one of my images shot with Stef Zeestraten over in Breckenridge a few months ago. Just what you need if you’re thinking about trying to learn a double backside rodeo……

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