DVANCE, Ltd. is proud to announce that its New Zealand Snowboard & Ski Camp has been selected by Swiss director and producer, Matthias Kallen, as the focus of his next extreme sports documentary. Kallen selected the camp for his feature on snowboarding and skiing in New Zealand because of its excellent locations, world-class pros, and knowledgeable team. Kallen, a TV editor and producer of extreme sports movies, said that he believed the DVANCE Camp would provide the best opportunity for him and his crew to truly capture the New Zealand riding experience. DVANCE’s New Zealand Snowboard & Ski Camp is both an awesome camp and a crazy road-trip. The camp takes its campers through New Zealand's nine greatest mountains and three coolest resort towns. As campers ride, slide and huck their way through nine halfpipes (including two superpipes), 30 jumps, 20+ rails, and limitless powder, chutes & cliffs, they will be accompanied by some of the world's greatest pros and coaches, including: Michi Albin, Gian Simmen, Dani Costandaché, Dani Sappa, Julien Regnier, Pierre Yves LeBlanc and many more. In addition to two-weeks of unbelievable snowboarding, campers will take part in several awesome off-mountain activities: surfing, dolphin-swimming, 4WD dirt bike riding, rainforest biking, sea kayaking, to name a few, and have the opportunity to spend a day or two heli-boarding/skiing. Camp starts in August, spots are limited. Website: http://www.dvanceonline.com Email: info@dvanceonline.com Toll-free 1-877-844-8597