What up everyone,

If you haven't been following Tom Costa's blog (http://www.wherestom.com.au), you might not know what he's been up to. Head on over and check it out, but basically, Tom is travelling around the world, year round, in search of some of the best pow, steeps, pillows etc, and is bringing them all to us via video and pics. He is currently in South America, about to begin the mission to 'air the border' in Chile, what a legend!! Having grown up as an Australian Olympic mogul hopeful, Tom is now one of the best freeskiers to emerge in Aus, and you just need to ski with him for a day to find out why!! Tom also just competed in the World Heli Challenge in NZ, where he finished 8th in trying conditions, pretty sick for most, but Tom was disappointed!

Tom is based out of Falls Creek, home as well to Nine22. Tom is well known in Australia for sending the biggests natural hits at resorts all over the country, and the world, and for his general style while slaying absolutely anything!! This season, Tom managed to put together a quick little edit, with only 3 days filming with Mark Tsukasov, and it is what you will see below. Tom has also entered this edit in to the SoO AirTime Open Edit comp, so head on over to http://www.sooairtime.com/enteropen-edit/ to vote and watch the other edits. You can also check out Nine22 rider Johnny Lipzker in the SoO AirTime Vic edit, oozing some of the most style you will ever see -  check out the grabs to confirm!!!

Anyway, here it is, we hope you like it!!!

Shifty Ya face off...... from Tom Costa on Vimeo.