I’m not sure whether there’s been snowboard video glut like this in years past, but it seems like everyone and their mother is doing one now.

This latest snowboard video is from Argon Films and from what I gather, it’s called “The Incredible Project.” Seems they are not trying to outdo some of the kings of big mountain and instead they are aiming for — according to teaser #1 — rad park scenes.

Red Scarlet represents an "affordable" entry into the much heralded world of Red

And why not? If you’ve got the riders, a sweet HD cam (you got digi SLR’s like the Canon 5d, affordable HD camcorders, and the much anticipated RED SCARLET that could put a 4MPX progressive camera in your hands for $6000 in late summer in time for the winter snowboard season), and the inexpensive set of a fully accessible terrain park, all you need are the VIDEO CHOPS to make a good flick.

And of course, that’s the rub. With everyone able to make snowboard video now, I’m sure we’re going to see a lot of crappy, run-of-the-mill videos. We’re probably going to get a few years of enthusiastic, but amateur snowboard videos with neither sustain sick shots, nor any hint of a story and we will be thoroughly bored. But as time goes on and the video peeps need to make some money to pay bills, they’ll abandon their snowboard video dreams and move on, leaving only the strong.

Question today is: is Argon Films “The Incredible Project” going to be a suck-ass flick or do the guys have the chops?

You decide as we feature the forthcoming teasers. According to the video description:

The Incredible Project was brought into life by Swatch Snowpark Soeldens Parkdesigner Rudi Wyhlidal and offers a cool mixture of big jumps, corners, Pole Jams and various other transfers. Reason enough for the Argonauts to check this Multiobstacle out and rip it into peaces. The next Teaser from another big jump in Alta Badia follows soon.

Argon Films’ Snowboard Video

Catch 3 more trailers of “The Incredible Project” at Argon Films’ Vimeo Page.