Yo what up baby. New to ns, trying to figure it out. so far not too stoked on the site. i am very literate with technology, facebook, twitter, some of the glitches on this site need to be worked out. needs to be a little more user friendly, like initial set up (up loading photos, videos), should be more focus profile not so much other crap. this is all my opinion, and a good one. the web developers are definitely skiers, its just a bad stereotype. all ski shop guys are the same, stupid, confused, lost, horny, high. same old same old. i love them though, and im pretty much one. you can find good ones here and there. but anyway, blogging isnt my thing. you know me just a twitter'er, i live 140 characters at a time. it is fun to click on the pink names and see all of the hot skiers. doesnt matter, a girl doesnt have to be cute, just a pair of twin tips and a nice little jib talent she can get a lot of guys. i just wish there were more girls in tall- tee's. oh btw im selling stuff, hit me up. i got dope gear for cheap cheap cheap. im moving to chile so no more skiing, and yes i know there is skiing there but im not allowed to while im there!!! k be bein easy