Press Release

The new logic site for the 05/06 season is now up. The address has changed to Reason for the change? We don’t want to be just another hat company, we want to give more variety and choice for skiers. We’ve got a full line of clothing this year including two tee shirts, a long sleeve shirt, a hoodie, and a girl shirt. Also, we’ve got a stacked team of eleven up and coming riders consisting of: Ahmet DadaliGiray DadaliAJ DakoulasKeenan JonesErik OlsonAndy ParryKohl SchoeningDerek SpongCody WhyteRyan WilliamsCollin Wright

And even though we are directing more attention to clothing this year, don’t forget that we will be selling hats again. Custom orders begin September first and premades will begin being sold on the same date. It’s a new year, it’s a new Logic.