We have seen so many hip-hop, R & B super stars

and trendsetters always wear monster

energy hats no matter where they are. We have also seen many famous brands

worked jointly with New Era to bring out cooperation styles. This is more than

a hat.

The hat company E Koch Cap Co. was started in 1920 by Ehrhardt Koch in New York, with only 14

other employees working for him. This is their first specifically design for

their team. By 1940s, New Era had become a company dedicated hats to a few

professional baseball teams. Immediately, it brought out fierce competition

with Wilson, Spalding, Rawlings and other brands. By 1965, nfl hats has

provided 10 major league baseball teams the team caps. In 1969, New Era to

design the unique "full closure" cap. In 1974, New Era cheap new era

hats exclusively for 20 to 24 teams of Major League

Baseball team cap. In the early eighties of the twentieth century, New Era is

not only able to provide 23 teams of Major League Baseball team cap, but also

received a large number of orders from the schools, the local businesses, the

international baseball teams, golf teams

In 2006, the New Era Hats Company moved its headquarters from suburban Buffalo

to downtown area. In the same year in May, its first flagship store in the SOHO

district of new

york yankees hats New

York City opened, in November of the

same year, it opened a second flagship store In March of 2007, New Era was not

only strict in design and brave in making innovations. About the material of

hat, the company adopted the 100% terylene with good performance as the raw

material based on the 100% pure wool. And this marked the first important

change after 20 tears of traditional hat craft. In the spring of 2007, The

third flagship store was opened in London.

On August of same year, Their flagship stores were opened one by one in Toronto, Queen

Street, Atlanta, Berlin, Birmingham,

Japan, Korea and so


Since Monster Energy hats had appeared in the film of the famous black

director Spike Lee in 1996, New Era was not only a commodity thorough people's

lives, but also represented a culture and a great trend.