Here at Dark Summer, we have been looking to up our web presence for quite a while but between the magazine and the other stuff we get up to, we haven't been able to find the time. Finally, we have had a bit of spare time and so we have been working hard to get the first stage of our new website up. We hope you like it.

It is, by no means, in its final state as we see the new website as a constantly evolving thing. You, our readers, will have things you want from the site which we would never have thought of, and with the changing nature of the Internet, we know that loads of new opportunities are going to arise in the future. As such, our site will be constantly evolving too.

The new site is now much more capable at providing you with all the UK and European freeskiing news, details on all the events going on around the world, and getting you some tasty morsels of information to get your teeth into.

We will be building on this in the coming weeks and months to off you all a much more integrated UK freeskiing community. We'll let you upload you photos and videos, link to people, and also have your voices heard. We hope you like what we have so far, and we hope you will be active in the community.

Head on over to to check out the new look.