Lower Core has been completely rebuilt and there is still more to come in the future.

New lineup :

“Chevon” dual mini walls set up in a V

Tower Tube Stall

NEFF street rail

32ft F/D rail

30ft down box

Triple Threat podium combo (20ft/28ft/24ft boxes)

Corrugated Tube tap

20ft up box

36ft D/F/D rail

30ft Staircase

Small step up jump

Dancefloor setup as Wallride 12ftx20ft multi takeoff

small table top jump


In other news, we will have the parts for the Zuagg snowcat today and it is scheduled to be cut again later this afternoon.  There will be no night pipe tonight on account of the above freezing temps and the amount of work that needs to be done to make up for the zuagg down time.  But rest assured that there will be a perfect fresh cut pipe for Sat!  Sunday is the first USASA pipe of the season.