If we could travel back in time to the 1940?s when the Oshawa Ski Club first started sliding down the slopes of Brimacombe, we would barely recognize the terrain.

In the many years since then, thousands of trees have been

hand-planted to form the unique and diverse network of runs and trails that we see today; earth has been sculpted to complement the natural fall lines and to create ideal ski and snowboard terrain; and a number of ski lifts have come and gone in various locations across the property.

When you arrive at Brimacombe this coming winter for your first day on the slopes, you will see that our landscape has evolved once again.

Our year-round staff have been, and still are, hard at work, completing a number of maintenance and property improvement projects, as well as planning the programs and events for next season.

One of this summer?s major projects has been the removal of T-Bars #1 and #2, a.k.a. ?The Standard T-Bars?.

T-Bar #1 was installed in 1977 alongside T-Bar #2, which had previously been installed in 1965. These two lifts were the main means of uphill travel in this area until 1992, when

the Standard Quad Chair was installed to replace them. Now, close to 19 years later, it is time to retire these lifts.

The removal of these T-Bars have created some exciting changes in this area that will improve both traffic flow and skiable terrain!

By removing the tree line along the western edge of T-Bar #2, we have widened the Standard run an average of 60 feet!

Congestion at the top of the Standard Chair will be drastically reduced during high traffic times, thanks to the extra space created by the removal of the unload areas and drive terminals of the old T-Bars.

This extra space will also allow us to reduce the pitch of the Standard Chair unload ramp, creating a gentler, more beginner-friendly exit route from the chair.

There will also be no more ?hiking? around the ends of the T-Bars on

nights or weekends, greatly improving the flow of skiers and boarders moving east and west through this area.

At the bottom of the hill, the removal of these T-Bars creates a wide-open space for better cross-flow and limited bottlenecking of skier traffic in one of our more congested areas.

On race days, the race course will now be set further east, leaving a much wider area of the Standard for regular traffic and lessons. The start ramp will be located near the top of the Standard Chair allowing more waiting area for the race participants while reducing the congestion for other skiers and boarders.

The race course will now end where the first towers of T-Bar #1 and #2 previously stood. This moves race spectator traffic off the main run into a relatively protected area, eliminating congestion and improving safety for everyone involved.

This is an exciting change that we feel will improve the overall skier/boarder experience at Brimacombe, and we are all very excited to take our first runs down the new and improved Standard run!

As we enter the 75th season at Brimacombe/Oshawa Ski Club, we are proud to carry a rich history forward into the future.

Looking back on the accomplishments of those involved over the years is humbling. There is no one person responsible for our success to date; instead, there are too many to count.

The Management Team and myself are all very proud to have the opportunity to be a part of this club and want to thank you for your continued support. We look forward to seeing you when the gates swing open for the 2011-2012 season. ?