Here at dPS we’re getting ready to release a brand new eBook next week. The topic is one that we’ve been asked to cover for years now – ‘natural light’.

One of the things that attracted me to the topic is that natural light is something that is freely available to all photographers (at least all who are not working the night shift or living near the north or south poles at certain times of the year).

We’ll talk more about natural light in the coming week but I thought it might be interesting to have some discussion around how many of the images we take primarily use natural vs artificial light?

As I scan through my own recent collection of images in Lightroom I’d estimate that around 85% of them are 100% natural light. Another 10% would be a mix of artificial and natural (the artificial mainly coming from normal house lights that happen to be on when I’m shooting) and that only around 5% would be lit completely with artificial light (for me a speed light).

What about you?

Are you using natural or artificial light primarily? Or is it a mix of both.

I’m looking forward to hearing your experience!

Post originally from: Digital Photography Tips.

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Natural vs Artificial Light: Which Do You Shoot With Most?